Designing video games

You have all the skill to create a great game; but your storyline sux. Idea are process of thinking. If you spent a little time on it, it won’t be a great game. Of course after you develop your game idea, it must be polished until it were pearl bright. You may follow the process of thinking as a start (links below). Then, expand as you will.

Sometimes, you doesn’t have any idea to think with. Game developers at Ludum Dare Game jam may have the answer for you. You just simply select one or two previous game jam theme and starts from there.


programmer’s guide to game art

Let’s face it. we game programmer are great at logic, programming and all. but we all suck at game art. Most of our published game are ugly, but playable or fun maybe. Look at the links below, and follow their teachings. I’m sure you will made a FUN and not-so-ugly game. haha.

ps : if you’ve got no time, at least look at the first one. gold !


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